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  • No Recovery, No Fee
  • Attorney fees are regulated by statute, and are generally twenty-five percent (25%) of the arrearages that your attorney wins for you
  • Attorney fees apply only to the amount that social security owes you (the arrearages) and not to your future benefits
  • If the arrearage amount is extremely high, the attorney fees are limited by statute to an amount which may be less than the usual twenty-five percent (25%)
  • You do not need an attorney to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, and can receive free assistance from  SSDI in preparing your initial application
  • If your initial application is denied, however, you should consider retaining an attorney to represent you in the appeals process, particularly in the second level of the appeals process -- i.e., requesting a hearing with an administrative law judge

Attorney William J. Carlisle has been operating his own law office since 1999. The majority of his clients have Workers' Compensation claims, often with overlapping legal proceedings related to auto accidents, personal injury lawsuits, Social Security disability claims, and employment/labor law litigation.

Many law firms specialize in only one or two specific areas of the law. Because of Mr. Carlisle's experience in several legal disciplines that are often related to Workers' Compensation cases, he is able to handle even the most complex cases involving the interaction of multiple areas of the law, allowing him to obtain the most favorable legal outcome possible for you.

At the Carlisle Law Office, all work is performed by attorneys, not by secretaries, paralegals or hearing representatives, as is the case at many other law firms.

In contrast to many other law offices, the Carlisle Law Office does not "warehouse" clients. That is, some firms may attempt to handle thousands of clients at the same time. We, however, limit the number of clients to a reasonable number so as to ensure that each client's claim receives the attention that it deserves.  You are not just a number with us.

Mr. Carlisle's approach is that he would rather settle one claim for a large amount of money than settle many claims for small amounts of money.  Our clients appreciate this approach since it gives them the best possible recovery.
Clients generally appreciate our efficient handling of their claims. In that regard, we do not insist that clients come to the office, and instead are comfortable interviewing clients over the telephone. Even after the initial interview, there is often no reason why communications cannot be completed efficiently via telephone, fax, mail and email...Saving you time and money.

Mr. Carlisle has successfully handled cases in California for clients residing across Califoria and the United States and has even handled cases for clients residing in other countries. All of these clients' cases were handled successfully without requiring the clients to visit our office.  This mode of operating allows Mr. Carlisle to represent clients in various locations, both near as well as very distant.

William J. Carlisle was the Valedictorian of his law school graduating class.

Mr. Carlisle earned a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. He has worked with the California Medical Association, including developing continuing medical education programs for psychiatrists and has worked in the Workers' Compensation field since 1985.

Because of William Carlisle's training and experience in the field of psychology, he is particularly adept at handling claims involving emotional distress. It is not unusual for injured workers to experience symptoms of anxiety and depression relating to chronic pain, physical limitations, financial concerns, occupational uncertainty, etc.